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How to hypnotize your audience

How to hypnotize your audience 5 hypnotic techniques to enrapture your listeners The first thing any good hypnosis trainer will tell you is that to be an effective hypnotist, you need to be confident. That way you inspire confidence in your subject and they are free to relax with you. The same is true if […]

10 Steps to Solid Self Esteem

You’d never speak to another person the way you speak to yourself Vanquish that critical inner voice and discover how much easier and happier life is with healthy levels of self esteem When Carla came for her last self esteem session with me, I asked her to look back on how she had felt before […]

10 Steps to a stellar success mindset

Let hypnosis drive success habits deep into your unconscious mind Mark Tyrrell, Co-founder of Hypnosis Downloads “I’ve distilled all I’ve learned about success from hundreds of clients and my own journey from working 3 minimum wage jobs to being a 7 figure business owner. Now I can work when I want, where I want. Here’s […]